Hey there! I am JuanCho, a 40 year old Visual Communicator living in sunny and tropical Costa Rica.  Trece Ocho has been my lifestyle for a long time. Initially, it was going to be a design studio for clients, but as time went by, it became something a little bit more complex. It’s my creative refuge where I can create without limitations, and from where I can develop my plan to fulfill my life’s mission.

The mission has always been the same; to become a stochastic, well-tuned machine that constantly writes itself. Ready to learn. Eager to create.

To live a life worth living in the pursuit of happiness and leaving a legacy. Hoping to impact the life of every person I can towards goodness, productivity and fulfillment. Be a better person and more human. Escape from being a profession, position or defined by my belongings. To be an idea put into action.

If you identify with these ideals then on this site you should find something that contributes to your process.