Trece Ocho was an idea, before it became a physical space. Before it cashed it’s first check. A modus operandi, a promise, to my younger self, to my ideals, to my personal belief that curiosity is endless, yet it will always fall short from reality and its infinite variables and possibilities that greatly surpass my capabilities  — that said, it will always be a worthwhile journey. 

I no longer design for clients. I don’t hold meetings with customers, I don’t look to be creating and selling something all the time. However my commitment with creativity remains pristine as the first day, only larger than it has ever been. My energy is fully focused on learning as much as possible to be a better tool for the broadcast team, apply creativity towards it and grow as a professional while helping others to do so as well. 

However — every once in a while I create “stuff”. Here’s where I post about it.